The safe House referral process


This policy and procedure applies to all The Safe House clinical staff and all referral agencies.


The purpose of this policy and procedure is to ensure all clinical staff and referral agencies are aware of The Safe House Referral Care Pathway to and from The Safe House.


Referral Care Pathway for access to The Safe House

  1. Referral from any geographical area in the Western Cape is permitted however, preference will be given to referrals from the Deep South – Muizenberg, Fish Hoek, Simon’s Town and Ocean View precincts
  2. Only clients who fit the admission criteria of The Safe House will be considered for admission (see attached admission criteria)
  3. Only referrals from recognised referral agencies and partners will be considered i.e. Department of Social Development, Department of Health, Department of Education (Schools), Child Protection Agencies, the Victim Support Rooms and SAPS. Self-referrals will be considered as per the policies of The Safe House.
  4. It is advised that the external social worker determine availability prior to referral. This can be done via telephonic contact or email to the Social Worker or the Centre Manager. Contact details are as follows: House – 021 785 1168, Manager – 084 307 9102 or email
  5. Once availability has been determined, a formal referral letter/report must be addressed to the Social Worker, The Safe House, for screening and further management of the referral.  The referral letter must contain:
    1. Name of the client
    2. ID details
    3. Address of the client
    4. Presenting Problem
    5. Details of the incident
    6. Name of the referring agency
    7. Contact details of the referring agency
    8. Name of the referring official
  1. In cases of emergency after-hours placement, the referring official must contact the Centre Manager on 084 037 9102 or the after-hours number, 021 785 1168, for access to the service. Only recognised referral agencies will be granted after-hours access to the service. No walk in’s will be permitted.
  2. In the case of after-hours placement, the house-mother on duty must complete an intake form.
  3. The Safe House reserves the right to accept or refuse anyone at their discretion.

Referral Pathway to DSD

  1. Self-referrals may be directed to the local Department of Social Development Office for screening and assessment / the DSD office where the potential client resides.
  2. In instances where a resident client absconds and abandons her child/ children, the Safe House social worker will immediately report to the relevant DSD office via written communication.
  3. In instances where the absconding and abandonment occurs over a weekend or a public holiday, The Safe House social worker will inform the relevant Department of Social Development Office on the first working day after the weekend or public holiday.